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 Manufacturer    Year     #   Driver/Sponsor/Description   Scale    Price     
Revell 1998 #75 Revell 1998 Rick Mast Remington diecast Rick Mast Remington 1/64 $9.00
Action 1997 #75 Action 1997 Rick Mast Remington Thunderbird diecast Rick Mast Remington Thunderbird 1/24 $39.00
Team Caliber 1999 #98 Team Caliber 1999 Rick Mast Woody Woodpecker (Owners in display case) diecast Rick Mast Woody Woodpecker (Owners in display case) 1/64 $12.00

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Rick And Mast NASCAR Diecast Collectable Cars by Action, Revell, Team Caliber, Winners Circle and other Rick And Mast NASCAR diecast manufacturers.

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