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Diecast 101 - Guide to Diecast Collecting

New to diecast collecting. Our site is geared toward the diecast collector and we understand that some of the information we present may seem confusing for those new to or not into diecast collecting. So we put together this page to help answer some questions and make your browsing easier.

First let's look at a sample entry you might see on our site

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Mfg Year # Driver/Sponsor/Description Scale Price Add
Action1998#18Diecast picture Bobby Labonte Interstate Batteries Small Soldiers H/O 1/64$31.00Add item to cart

Now we will go through each column

    Mfg - Manufacturer - This is the company that produced the item. The main NASCAR diecast manufacturers are: Action, Brookfield, Ertl, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Racing Champions, RCCA, Revell, Team Caliber, Winner's Circle. These were seperate companies until the late 1990s when Action began acquiring them. Action now owns the following brands; Action, Brookfield, RCCA, Revell, Winner's Circle. In December of 2006 Motorsports Authentics finalized their purchase of Action and Team Caliber. So now there is effectively only one diecast company. See below for more specific information on each manufacturer.

    Year - This is the year that the car was driven and usually the year the diecast was produced.

    # - Car Number - This is the number on the side of the car.

    Camera Icon - Click this to view a picture of the car. If there is no camera we do not have a picture of the car online. However, if you need to see it, email us and we can email you a picture of the car.

    Driver/Description - Drivers name, car sponsor and any unique or identifying information

    Scale - This is the relative size of the car. The main scales for diecast cars are 1/18, 1/24, 1/64.

  • 1/64 are the smallest about 3" long.
  • 1/24 is the most common scale collected. They are about 8" long.
  • 1/18 is the biggest scale produced. Even though they have the best detail, due to their 11" size, few people collect these cars and thus few are manufactured.
  • 1/43 and 1/32, few are produced and they are usually between 4" and 6".

    Price - How much it costs - The price of a diecast car is influenced by many factors. The more popular the driver the higher value. The fewer the number of cars manufactured the higher the value. The older the car gets the less that are available in the market and the higher the price. Recent driver activities can influence the value of the car, accidents, retirements, sponsor changes all can make the value go up. We try to keep our prices at or below book value.

    Add - Shopping Cart - Click the shopping cart icon to put this item into your cart.

Here are some other terms and abbreviations you might see

  • H/O - Hood Open - Indicates the car has a hood which opens showing the engine detail. Most 1/24 and 1/18 scale cars have opening hoods. 1/64 scale cars are about 50%/50% for opening and non-opening.
  • B/W - Black Window - The car has black windows and you cannot see the interior.
  • C/W - Clear Window - The car has clear windows and you can see the interior. All cars are clear window unless noted with B/W. Many banks are black window so we use C/W for those banks that have clear windows.
  • Bank - The car has a coin slot, usually at the base of the rear window, and a locking door on the bottom to get the coins out.
  • Hauler, dually, trailer, pit wagon, helmet - These are diecast replicas of those specific items. For example haluers are the semi trucks used to move the cars from race to race and are often very ornately decorated.

Manufacturer Specific Information

  • Motorsports Authentics - This company owns most all fo the diecast companies listed below. Although, they put their own branding on the products, they still allow each company to produce unique product lines.
  • Action - The leader in NASCAR diecast they have excellent quality and detail. They produce most of the paint schemes you see on the track.
  • Brookfield - Owned by Action. Brookfield makes sets and non-car diecast like haulers, trailers, duallies, suburbans, vans, tahoes, etc.
  • RCCA - Owned by Action. Their most notable line is the Elite line. These are regarded as the highest quality and detail diecast made.
  • Revell - Owned by Action. Revell makes specific cars. For example what the car looked like after it raced, the exact car that won a race, or the car with no paint on it. Revell is virtually the same as Action.
  • Team Caliber - They have 2 main lines Preferred and Owners. The Preferred line is lower quality than Action. The Owners series, however, rivals the quality and detail of the RCCA Elites. Some drivers have signed exclusive deals with Team Caliber and thus you can only get their cars under a Team Caliber brand. Matt Kenseth and Mark Martin are examples.
  • Winner's Circle - Owned by Action. This is their lower quality mass market, department store brand.
  • Ertl - Does mostly non-NASCAR stuff now. Dristributes their NASCAR line under the Racing Champions brand (see below).
  • Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Racing Champions - Lower quality/detail mass market product. These are the types of cars you would most often see in department stores. Not really suitable for a collector however they are usually classified as toys so they are more suitable for children than some of the other brands.

We have tried to cover the most common questions. If you have a question not covered here or just need more detail about something above just call or email us.

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