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Custom NASCAR Diecast Cars

     by David Arehart


      How can I get a custom painted NASCAR diecast car? I often get asked how a custom diecast car can be purchased or made. There are several different reasons for these requests. Some people want a diecast version of their fantasy league race car. Some people want a diecast replica of the car they, or someone they know, used to race, or for their business. And some people want to create a car that a driver raced but perhaps the diecast companies did not produce. Below are a couple of solutions and some resources to get you going in the right direction. Custom NASCAR Diecast Car created by Designs by Partin

      First the bad news. You can't really get a custom diecast car produced for you by the big manufacturers like Action or Team Caliber. However, Goracing.com (a direct Action dstributor) offers a slightly personally customizeable diecast car. You can select one of three colors (black, red, or blue), and a car manufacturer (Chevy, Ford, or Dodge). Each manufacturer comes in a set color. For example, you can only get a Chevy in red. They do, however, rotate these colors every so often. Once you pick the color and manufacturer, you can then put your own number on the door and a custom message on the trunk and hood.

      Obviously the cars from GoRacing.com do not offer the amount of detail that most people want. Many people want the option to customize the color, logos, and decals. The option then is to create your customized diecast car yourself. How do you do this? The first step is to buy an existing diecast car of the model and year you want (e.g., 2005 Ford Taurus). The driver and sponsor doesn't really matter. Then the car needs to be disassembled, stripped and repainted, and decals made and reapplied. There you go, your own custom diecast car. Easy!

      Well, no, not really. Since most people don't have the skill to do this, the next step is to find someone with the ability to strip, repaint, and re-decal the diecast car to your specifications. Hunting around the Internet can uncover some, but we saved you the trouble and listed them here. Many different types of vehicle replicas can be customized, from semi-trucks, farm equipment, police cars, and NASCAR cars. Most businesses that do these customizations specialize in a certain type of vehicle, so it's best to find someone that does the type of diecast you need. You may be required to provide photographs or detailed drawings to the customizer. Also, they may have cars in stock that they can use. The price for a custom diecast car is usually around $100, depending on the detail of your specifications.

Custom Diecast Vehicle Links

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Radical Decals - More custom made decals for diecast customizing

Code 3 Customs - Code 3 Customs - Custom Police Cars

Rescue Center - More custom police cars

Diecast Cop Cars - Even more custom police cars

Junkyard Jewels - Custom "unrestored" classic vehicles

Little Custom Cars - Information about how to customize diecast cars

* The #52 Hansons diecast replica pictured above was created by Designs by Partin

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