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Displaying and Caring for Diecast Collectibles



     The great attraction to collecting diecast is the broad scope of items available. You can choose a particular category, such as airplanes or cars. You can tighten the category even more by choosing a particular scale or era. Another option is collecting diecast that is produced by a specific company.

Diecast Display Case

     Two specific concerns of diecast car collectors worldwide are detail and authenticity. These separate inferior products from those of high quality. As in all collections, purchase what you like but keep a sharp eye on the level of accurate detail. Use creativity and imagination when displaying your diecast car. When you begin, you may want to display diecast cars on a shelf or coffee table where they will tend to become conversation pieces. As you build your collection, you may wish to display them in one particular area of your home. If your collection is painted bright colors, be sure to purchase glass or plastic display cases that offer UV protection. By keeping out light, you guard against paint fading and the buildup of dirt and dust.

     You can increase the number of diecast cars that you can display on a shelf by using risers. Clear plastic tubes are great for this purpose but other objects such as glass bricks, Styrofoam blocks or old car parts can be used. Use your imagination to make your diecast collection unique. Tar paper roofing or shingles can simulate pavement. Astroturf or green indoor/outdoor carpeting gives the appearance of grass. Another way to add effect to your diecast collection is by using old calendar pages or racing posters as a backdrop. Use creativity to display your diecast cars with a backdrop and ground cover that depicts a racing scene. This gives your diecast collection a dimension of reality.

     Scale props also make your collection more attractive. Scale figures, gas pumps and tools can be purchased at your local hobby shop. Create a miniature village to display your collection. Dollhouse accessories that are the same scale as your models add realism. Build mountains and rolling hills with a combination of papier-mache and wire screening.

Diecast Display Case

     If you have older diecast cars in your collection that could stand a bit of sprucing up, here are a few tips.

     To remove dirt from cracks and crevices, use a soft toothbrush. Be careful not to scrub too hard. This will break sections that are weak and could scratch the paint. Never use a toothbrush on items that have decals on them. Clean these by using a soft artistís brush and mild detergent. Roofs of diecast cars can be scratched from rubbing against packaging. To remove scratches, use an auto polishing compound. Apply gently with a cotton swab.

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